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Sometimes a minor child needs a guardian because their parents are no longer able to care for them. This situation may be due to parental death or child abandonment, abuse or neglect. The child is then put under the care of a court-appointed representative, usually a relative, such as a grandparent, aunt, uncle or cousin. The child’s court-appointed guardian will have the same legal authority as a parent and may also have the power to manage the child’s property, until the child is 18 years old.

Child guardianship situations are typically heart wrenching. Attorney Kelly Reiter has the expertise to help you through the complicated legal process, as well as the compassion to ease your family’s burden. She will ensure that you can effectively and legally establish the right to care for your loved one.

Why are guardianships complicated?

The guardian must petition the court in order to obtain a guardianship. In many cases, the child may have financial assets available. Sometimes other family members contest a desired guardianship. In child abuse and abandonment situations, the child’s biological parents may contest a guardianship.

Due to the important responsibilities a guardian will assume for a child’s well being and finances, it is important that the courts review every petition carefully. Attorney Kelly Reiter will ensure that you have created the best case possible before you petition the court.

The child’s guardian is responsible for:

  • Determining where the child lives
  • Making sure that the child is properly fed, clothed, and sheltered
  • Supervising the child’s conduct
  • Making sure that the child is enrolled in school
  • Making sure that the child has proper medical care
  • Controlling and preserving the child’s estate property

If you would like to discuss your child guardianship situation with an experienced, compassionate family law attorney, please contact Kelly Reiter at Reiter Family Law for a free initial consultation. We look forward to helping you.