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Client Testimonials

Family Mediation

“The process was becoming very difficult until Kelly became involved. She helped me form a settlement offer that we took to mediation where we were done in a couple of hours. I’m very happy that I found someone such as Kelly to represent me. She listens, understands and cares.”
– Frank, a divorce client

“Kelly was my legal counsel in a family law case. She was supportive, intelligent, experienced and responsive. She clearly explained the process, the law and my options. Kelly understood the dynamics of the case, as well as the inner workings of the courtroom. She is assertive, communicative and passionate about her work.”
– a Family client

“Kelly is one of the best juvenile dependency attorneys in the field. She is a vigorous advocate, knows the law, and works tirelessly on behalf of her clients. She has improved the lives of countless children and families over the 10+ years that I have known her by making the system work for them, as it should, often in cases where the system actively resisted her efforts. I wholeheartedly recommend Kelly to anyone who needs competent, zealous representation in a case involving families and children.”
– Janet G. Sherwood, Attorney at Law, Law Offices of Janet G. Sherwood.

“What can I say about Kelly Reiter? The list is limitless. She is such an amazing attorney, her kind and loving approach to her clients is simply outstanding. She has such a sweet spirit about her that makes you trust and believe that everything is going to be alright. Such inner sweetness only complements her outer beauty.

I contacted the Law Offices of Kelly Reiter during a rough period in my life, a time when I thought all hope was lost and there was no light at the end of the tunnel. I was at the end of my rope and it seemed like all odds were stacked against me. From the very first moment I spoke with Kelly and her colleague Johanna (who by the way is an absolute angel and her kind spirit is so magnetic) they wasted no time getting to work on my case. Kelly gave me hope, she inspired me to not give up no matter what it looked like, and every time I spoke with her or read an email from her, she would leave me with these encouraging words “Hang In There.” Those three little words meant the world to me; they told that there was still a ray of sunshine peeking through the clouds and that the fight was not over.

During this time that I spent with Kelly I have come to think of her not just as my attorney but also as my friend. I would recommend her Law Office in a heartbeat. I am her biggest fan and supporter. There is no greater person to represent you than Kelly Reiter”
-T. Jones, Client

If you would like to discuss your child guardianship situation with an experienced, compassionate family law attorney, please contact Kelly Reiter at Reiter Family Law for a free initial consultation. We look forward to helping you.