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  • Premarital and post-marital contracts
  • Child Protective Services/Dependency
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  • Grandparent rights
  • Emancipation

In a CPS (also known as "Dependency") case, the initial hearing takes place within 72 hours of the child being removed from the home. This is considered an "emergency" hearing and time is of the essence from the courts perspective. At this hearing, typically the Judge will rule on the side of caution and tend to have the child removed from the home which allows more time for investigation by Child Protective Services. Unrepresented parents and children are no match for the government lawyers and trained child welfare workers. 

It is important to seek legal representation before the initial hearing to prevent uneccessary trauma to your family.

Having a Child Welfare Law Specialist who is dedicated to the protection and advocacy of children and families is of utmost importance. The Law Offices of Kelly Y. Reiterhas represented over 500 children in legal proceedings and we will guide you throught the legal, administrative, and emotional proceedins in an effort to assure your family is adequately represented and are in a position to help prevent your child from being placed into the foster care system or the loss of custody.